Pleasure Garden

a listening garden
by Genevieve Lacey



By: Patrick Boyle
8th January 2016

A Garden of Earthly Delights

“In Sydney Festival’s ethereal Pleasure Garden, each listener becomes an instrument. The verdant gardens of Vaucluse House have been transformed into a luscious soundscape, where different musical layers are triggered by human movement. It’s a mystical and intensely personal experience.”

Sydney Morning Herald

By: Peter McCallum
11th January 2016

Sydney Festival 2016 review: Genevieve Lacey reveals sounds of Pleasure Garden

“There was a natural compatibility between the grain of the sound – whether low and echoing or suddenly piercing and shrill – and the wood and flowers of the garden.”

Pleasure Garden thanks

Jane Davidson and the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, Australia Council for the Arts, Fiona Winning, Lieven Bertels and Sydney Festival, Ed Champion and staff at Vaucluse House, Sydney Living Museums, Criss Canning and David Glenn of Lambley Garden, Malgosia Fiebig, City Carillonneur of Utrecht, Toby Chadd and ABC Classics, Sheena Boughen and the Four Winds community, Music Norway, Lou Oppenheim and Circus Oz, Henk Heuvelmans and Martijn Buser of Gaudeamus, Graham Pushee and Arts Management, Martel Ollerenshaw, Atticus Bastow, Nick Roux, Ann Lacey, Francine Tanner, Jude Gun, Steven Richardson, John Davis, Fiona Blair, Damon Young, Pat Hockey, Greg Lyons, Adam Gibson, Joseph Browning.